Dr Dinah Parums lives in England. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, photography and going on walking trips with her dog.

Dr Dinah Parums grew up in North Derbyshire, where she attended grammar school. In 1977, she won an entrance scholarship to King’s College, Cambridge to study medicine.

Since her student days, Dinah has been interested in photography, wildlife and history. She has lived in a number of houses where she has been able to build gardens from scratch or to tend established gardens. 

From an early age, Dinah has attended the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London and has been a lifelong member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Dinah has recently established her gardening blog entitled, The Small English Garden.

Dr Dinah Parums

Dr Dinah Parums – the patio garden.

Dinah also loves to cook and has compiled an online collection of Family Recipes

For the past twenty years or so, Dinah has been able to keep her favourite breed of dog, the West Highland White Terrier (or ‘Westie’). She has recently created a website for her nieces called Westie in the U.K.

Dr Dinah Parums

Jigger the Westie

Dinah continues to write and publish scientific material and has started her own Science Blog. She has recently started working as a freelance medical and science writer; details of this role can be found at Dr Dinah Parums | Freelance Writing Services.